BR 52 Altbau (postwar only)


This is the postwar only version of the BR 52 Altbau, so does not include any content related to the WW2 period.

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Our only product of 2020 is the BR 52 Altbau. This is the postwar only version of the pack, so does not include any content related to the WW2 period. For the fully featured version of the pack, please click here.

With red and black postwar livery, a SSyms wagon with support struts, 2 scenarios for Im Koeblitzer Bergland, and of course our most advanced features and functionality, this is a very comprehensive pack and a must-have for fans of the BR 52.

This pack is currently part of our “NiclasL Legacy” range – our original products from 2019 which are available at a cheaper price, until we release updates to them to bring them in line with the quality and features of our latest products. Updates will be free, but when they are released, the updated product will be removed from the “NiclasL Legacy” range and the price will increase. Any customers who have already purchased will NOT be affected by the price increase, it will only affect new purchases. If you are a new customer, we recommend buying now before updates are released, to get the cheapest price and free updates!

Contents in detail:
– English and German language support
– BR 52 Altbau locomotive with many different variants
– Wannentender
– Epoch VI
– SSyms wagon with flat bed and optional support struts
– All wagons feature DR liveries, as well as realistic sounds by Team Train Berlin
– 2 scenarios for Im Koeblitzer Bergland

Loco features:
– Dynamic regulator and steam chest simulation
– Dynamic Knorr brake simulation
– Dynamic exhaust particles and sounds
– Simulation of the resistance of the regulator
– Realistic sound set (free sound improvement update coming soon)
– Dynamic particle simulation (steam, smoke)
– Dynamic wheel slip (depending on the season)
– Dynamic injectors (temperature-dependent)
– Independent, automatic fireman
– Limited sand (optional)
– Dynamic numbering
– Functional PZB90 V2
– Water gauge ‘slosh’ simulation
– Communication by whistle with other vehicles in the train
– Error and fault reporting system
– Repair system
– Configuration file
– English/German language
– Simple version
– Quick drive compatible
– Copy protection

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