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High quality addons for
Train Simulator Classic with advanced features

About us

Our international team of passionate railway enthusiasts are equipped with many years of knowledge and experience with real railways and locomotives, and are all lovers of gaming and simulation, too. We gain great satisfaction from creating products you can really enjoy, whether you’re a diehard fan of very realistic experiences like us, or you prefer a more simple approach. That’s why all of our products are heavily customisable and can have the advanced features turned off altogether. We’re very proud of our realistic features but we want everyone to be able to enjoy our work!

We build content with care, not compromises.

Our team is small but perfectly formed

We aren’t a major commercial operation with our own office. The Forge Simulation Ltd consists of a small number of people from across Europe and beyond, all of whom have a day job and/or studies, working for Forge in our spare time at home. Our creations are therefore the fruits of our passion, rather than simply being churned out. Every customer and order help us to continue our work, and it is a privilege to be able to share our products with you. Instead of boosting stocks, financing the next sports car, or paying for a giant air-conditioned office building, customers support the maintenance and development of our company with their purchases. This helps to cover the costs involved in running the business and the many expenses involved in creating realistic addons, and also provide an ancillary income for the team members involved in each project. Our team members use these earnings to fund charitable donations, pay for driving lessons, fund their other hobbies and passions, or for other important milestones in their lives, such as saving for their first home. The Forge Simulation is proud to support a number of other developers, as well as important railway preservation groups in the real world who also cooperate with us. We have one owner, and only one other core staff member, as well as a handful of other developers and contractors who work with us in some areas. We don’t sell shares, and what you see is what you get.