BR 01.10 Pack


Featuring the oil burning members of the class with realistic advanced functionality, coaches, and scenarios across 5 different routes.


Deinfruehstueck has again set the new yardstick for German steam locomotives with the Baureihe 01.10 Pack, featuring the oil burning members of the class with incredibly realistic, advanced functionality, 2 coaches in 3 variants, and scenarios across 5 different routes. Deinfruehstueck has spent more than 1800 hours on this project over the course of more than 2 years of development, even without including the time and assistance from any others involved, so this is the longest running project released by TFS so far and it truly shows in the quality. This combination of immense personal investment and sheer quality is the reason that the price is higher than our other products. It could have been cheaper, but it wouldn’t have been this good!




  • Dynamic steam chest simulation
  • Dynamic pressure equalizer simulation
  • Dynamic Knorr brake simulation
  • Dynamic particles
  • Working PZB
  • Rework of the injectors
  • New automatic fireman
  • Dynamic numbering
  • Communication by whistle with other vehicles in the train
  • Quick drive compatible
  • Animated brakes on the cars
  • Animated brakes, whistle, cylinder cocks, valve gear including reverser
  • In-game messages in English and German
  • EDV Numbers and normal Numbers
  • Oil firing simulation
  • Realistic animated valve gear
  • Moving pistons in pumps

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